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Radio-frequency identification (RFID)

Most RFID tags contain at least two parts. One is an integrated circuit for storing and processing information.

There are generally three types of RFID tags:

1- active RFID tags( which contain a battery and    can transmit signals autonomously)

2- passive RFID tags( which have no battery and      require an external source to provoke signal transmission )

3- battery assisted passive( which require an external source to wake up )


Current uses

· IT Asset Tracking

· patients and hospital staff

· Health Care

· RFID timing

· Product tracking

· Transportation and logistics

· Lap scoring

· Libraries

· Schools and universities


The RFID business is growing so fast that few applicational sectors can beat that scorching rate of growth. Healthcare and pharmaceuticals is one of them thanks to the new tagging of drugs, real time location of staff and patients and other developments including automated error prevention.  It is a vital resource for the healthcare profession and all who wish to support it. We separately assess the opportunity for both passive and active tags in pharmaceuticals and healthcare in the following sectors:

· Pharmaceutial drugs

· Medical disposables and other items

· People

· Secure Access

· Conveyances, vehicles, assets

· Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS)

· Sensor based applications



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