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Designed to international performance standards, SmartLink International has brought together the latest in computer and digital radio technology to create the most innovative hardware and software telephone based emergency/security call systems (PSTN and PABX) to monitored paging systems and products available today!




SmartLine can handle a range of wireless devices including:


Call Points (Wireless Nurse Call)

Radio Keys (Wrist Watch, Neck Chain & Wall Mount)

Emergency Pendants/Radio Keys

Man Down Pendants/Radio Keys

Smoke Detectors

Passive Infra-Red (PIR) Detectors

Door Reeds




The SmartLine system can also be extended by the use of Extended Receiver Boards (part no. 100-GRX). A simple 4 wire bus provides a means to extend coverage of SmartLink's wide range of wireless devices. For more information consult the installation manual.




SmartLine Wireless will report alarms directly to any of SmartLink's Monitoring Software packages via a standard serial port and uses the same polling protocol as a Linecard Receiver (SCU) making it fully compatible with existing SmartLink systems.




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Extendable Wireless Coverage

Wireless Device Compatibility

Alarm Reporting